7 Body Hair Removal Tips For Men

Check out the body hair removal tips for men at home. Find out the reasons for man bear appearance along with ways to clean and clear them. Also, learn about the home remedies like sugaring and professional means like a laser to get rid of excess hair.

Body Hair Removal Tips

Girls think that a lot of hair on the male body is the norm. In most cases, it is. However, not all men are now proud of the extensive vegetation on the chest, back, and legs. Many representatives of the stronger sex began to pay more attention from the aesthetic point of view to the problem of a large number of hairs on the body and try to get rid of them.

Men especially want to get rid of unnecessary vegetation, in the summer, when the beach season begins. This is the time when the body is seen not only by a beloved woman but by all and being a man bear is not desired by most. So, here are some body hair removal tips for men.

Reasons for Hairy Man

Girls often wonder why there are a lot of hairs on the body of a man. This is due to a large amount of testosterone in the blood. For its allocation in men, testes meet and in women it’s ovaries. The anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is responsible for the production of the corresponding hormone.

Reason for Hairy Body

Once the required amount of the hormone is ready, it goes to androgen receptors. Hormones attach to receptors located at the base of the hair and begin to act according to a plan that nature has genetically planted.

Depending on this, testosterone can remove excess hairs on the body or, on the contrary, stimulate them, and they will grow stronger. Of course, then how abundant the hair will grow on the chest and back is determined by genetics, race and the place where your ancestors lived.

However, why do men face strong growth of hair on the back and chest not immediately? This is due to the fact that in childhood the hairs that are located on the body differ in an entirely different structure. They are canon, thin and have practically no pigment. However, with age, especially when the boy begins to grow and undergo a puberty period, this cannon is removed and replaced on the body with hard hair. The appearance of hair on the chest and back is associated with the characteristics of hairy style for the male.

Traditional Body Hair Removal Tips for Men

If we consider the removal of unwanted hair at home conditions by traditional methods, then it is more likely to go about depilation. The difference between these concepts has already been clarified. Nevertheless, it is worth considering what a man can use to fight unnecessary hair if he does not have the time, opportunity or desire to go to the salon.

  1. Shaving
  2. It is the easiest and most affordable way. It is clear that not all parts of the body are affected by this method.

    Shave Chest for Man

    In order for this procedure to be painless and bring good results, it is necessary to use specialized machines designed specifically for men’s skin.

    You should never skimp on purchasing new replacement cartridges. As if they are dull quickly enough, then old blades can turn the shaving process into torture. Both before and after the procedure, the skin should be treated with special cosmetic creams and balms.

    In addition, mechanical depilatories of different models and principles of action can be used as well.

    This procedure cannot be called painless, and it has a number of contraindications. However, it is the easiest way to get the job done.

  3. Wax Depilation
  4. Wax Depilation

    This method is effective, fairly affordable, and a man can learn about its technique from any woman.

    The heated wax is applied to the skin in the right place (often, special cartridges are used), and, after hardening, breaks off against the growth of hair using paper or fabric strips.

    The procedure is rather painful and is not recommended for people who have problems with the vessels of the legs.

  5. Use of Specialized Creams
  6. This is an inexpensive way of chemical depilation, easy to use, but not durable.

    The products offered by cosmetic shops give a quick effect, but after ten to fifteen days the procedure should be repeated.

    In addition, with all the balance of its composition, such creams and gels still dry the skin, which leads to the use of additional moisturizers.

  7. Sugaring
  8. Under this intricate word lays a very ancient way of getting rid of hair using sugar, brought to the caramel state.


    Positive feedback on this method is quite a lot due to the cheapness of the material, and the availability of cooking the necessary mixture, and ease of use.

    It is also claimed that it is less painful than a similar method of wax depilation.

    The root difference is that the abruption of the sugar mass is carried out not against, but in the direction of hair growth, which allows you to remove the hairs along with the bulb.

Professional Body Hair Removal Tips

Often men try to remove the hair from the chest and on the back for good. This allows you to exclude the constant performance of not the most pleasant procedures, such as haircuts, shaving or depilation. Today, many salons offer a variety of ways to remove hair permanently or for a long time. Among these body hair removal tips for men, the particularly distinguished ones are as follows.

  1. Laser Hair Removal
  2. The most popular option, allowing you to get rid of excess hair on the chest and back, is laser hair removal. The laser penetrates the hair shaft, in fact, the root itself is destroyed. This leads to the cessation of hair growth for a minimum of several years.

    Laser Hair Removal

    Of course, after a while, the hair will return, that is, they will not be permanently removed. However, agree that several years without them, unlike several days is a serious claim.

    It takes about half an hour if processing is carried out on a large site. On average, there are eight sessions to remove the hairs in the selected zone. A laser process is possible not only for the back and chest but also for the face.

    The best effect is achievable on light skin, which is covered with dark hair. Dark skin is also not a good option for lasers, only if it’s not about neodymium. In other cases, you can earn a burn.

    Despite the promised long-term result, experts still recommend a two-time visit to the salon. These preventive procedures will help to maintain a good result. At the same time, laser epilation can be used to achieve not only complete hair removal but also a small thinning.

  3. Photoepilation
  4. Photoepilation is similar in many respects to the laser version. Only here to remove hairs, or rather, the destruction of melanin in them, is not a laser, but a flash. The method has the same properties. It will still not work for dark skin or little-pigmented hairs. However, the effect will also persist for several years.

  5. Electrolysis
  6. Another one of the body hair removal tips option that allows you to get rid of hair that a man seems to grow too much. Removal is carried out using a special needle penetrating the inside of the hair shaft, and a weak discharge of electricity. It is fed through the hair to the follicle, leads to the destruction of its cells. If the cells were destroyed, then the hair cannot grow there anymore. This is one of the few ways that you can get rid of hair permanently.

    Electrolysis on Man

    However, it is worth taking into account that the work of this method is dotted. If you need to remove hair from a vast area, you will have to be patient. Most likely, to process the entire back and chest, it will take weekly work during the year.

    An electrical hair removal is a good option, no matter what area of skin you are going to process. At the same time, its cost is lower, in comparison with other professional means. Of course, it is best to use it for eyebrows or chin. If you decide on electrical hair removal in the intimate area, you need to use local anesthesia. Due to the high sensitivity of this zone, the removal can be too painful.

An increasing number of men now appear in beauty salons. They try to maintain a beautiful view of their body, and modern cosmetology can help them in this.

These body hair removal tips can be very different for different people. In the end, you can resort to a banal, but proven and effective plucking. Every man is free to try any of these methods and choose the one that is more suitable for him and will be harmless to his skin.

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