How to Find the Right Hairstyle for Men

Check out the way to find the right hairstyle for men properly. Learn about the different face shapes of men like oblong, round, rectangular, triangular, diamond, and square. Also, find out the best cuts and beards suited for these facial structures.

find the right hairstyle for men

Contradictory to popular belief even for men it is very important to have a good haircut. Men even have a more constant maintenance duty as when their hair often hair grows much faster after a fresh cut.

A correctly chosen hairstyle is an important element of the image of a modern man. The overall impression of a man depends on how appropriate is his haircut and this is essential for his self-confidence. With its help, you can supplement the image, emphasize virtues and hide faults. It must correspond to age, lifestyle, and status of the man. So, when trying to find the right hairstyle for men that matches all these rules and more it gets a bit tricky.

Before going through the scissors of a stylist do not forget to take into account which cut is adapted to the shape of each face. Choosing the right style according to the shape of the face will help to disguise the disproportions of the same. It will also help to soften or emphasize the lines that define it. So, let’s learn everything we can to find the right hairstyle for men.

Basic Rules to Find the Right Hairstyle for Men

Before choosing a man’s haircut, you should consider several nuances. Some of the most popular considerations are as follows.

  1. Will the new style match the whole image. If there is a mustache or beard, it is necessary that they are in harmony with the haircut, and do not look disjointed.
  2. Basic Rules for Haircut

  3. Do not forget about the traditions and rules that are introduced in the team and are present in the community.
  4. A new hairstyle should not carry a complete change of wardrobe, especially if it is not included in the plans.
  5. Extravagant haircut will take a long time to be maintained in the same condition.
  6. When changing hair, look at it from the side on different models and from different angles. Perhaps, the opinion will change dramatically.
  7. Listen to the advice of family, friends, and professionals as they are the one that looks at you all the time.

When trying to find the right hairstyle for men, be guided by your own style and internal state. Of course, do not shock others, but the main thing is for you to feel comfortable with such a styling.

Proper Way to Find the Right Hairstyle for Men

Choosing a haircut for a man is not so difficult, especially when the basic rules are adopted. Finally, the shape and facial features of men will help find the right hairstyle for men.

Appearance in each person is individual as their facial structure and features differ from one another. In order to determine the shape of your head, go to the mirror, remove the hair from your forehead and carefully look at the reflection.

The forms of the men’s face are conventionally divided into 7 types and according to them the hairstyle changes. So, here are the different shapes of face and hairstyle most suitable for that structure.

  1. Oval Face
  2. This shape is seen as the ideal face shape for women. However, the oval face is not the perfect face in man, but it is a good canvas for experimentation.

    Oval Shape Ryan Gosling

    There are a couple of minor caveats for men with an oval face. The ideal for this type of face is to run the hair from the forehead to create a little volume and angles at the top.

    The right style would be a more “classic” cut, shorter on the sides and slightly longer at the top, with a more natural separation to the side.

    What you have to try to avoid this type of face is the excess of hair on the forehead. The excess hair softens the characteristics and increases the roundness of the face.

    It is a face that has the endurance to wear different cuts, a good thing is not to wear the sideburns too long, and they make the face look longer and narrower.

    With an oval face, facial hair is not necessary to fill any disproportionate voids, so you will be able to remove your beard or wear it very short.

  3. Square Face
  4. Considered as the masculine ideal, the square face is characterized by its strong jawline. Like the oval, it is a great base for most styles and versatile enough to work both short and long haircuts.

    Square Face David Beckham

    To make the oval look more elongated and in turn soften the marked features of this type of face, the haircuts that are longer at the top and with short sides will be the most suitable.

    A hairstyle that has a higher concentration of hair volume in the upper part of the head and laterals to an intermediate size is another good option for those who want to wear long hair.

    Long and thin sideburns that join with a full beard, very short on the sides of the face and more noticeable in the chin area is good too. This way the face looks longer and remains angular to the oval.

  5. Rectangular Face
  6. In this facial structure, we find a mixture of two basic face shapes that are the square and the elongated.

    Rectangular Shape Adam Levine

    For this case, the objective, on the one hand, to reduce the length of the oval and on the other hand to soften the angularity of its features, mainly in the maxillary area.

    The most appropriate haircuts are those that drop the volume of the hair towards the forehead since this will help to reduce the length of the oval.

    Another option that can provide balance to this type of face and that will also help to reduce its length, are the longer haircuts on the sides and short hair on the top of the head. This is true as long as the hair at the top exceeds a little more along the sides.

    To soften the square features of the lower half of the face you can use a “3-day beard”. It is very short, fine and well-groomed.

    Ideally, do not go on without a haircut for long periods of time. This is to prevent the oval from looking longer and the sideburns should be finite and short too.

  7. Round Face
  8. The objective for the round face is to tune the area of the cheeks and lengthen the oval so that it acquires a shape closer to the oval face.

    Round Face Leonardo DiCaprio

    Longer haircuts on the top of the head with short sides will help the face look longer. Also, the short manes with stepped sides will help the face look less rounded.

    The use of a medium-full beard, which becomes more noticeable in the area of the chin and join, will be best for this face. That beard along with thin sideburns would be essential to fit the profile of the oval face. A straight mustache will help to achieve the goal for this face as well.

  9. Diamond Face
  10. In this type of face, the line of the cheekbones (very marked) predominates over a narrower jaw and forehead.

    Diamond Shape Chris Pine

    For this case, the ideal is to reduce the width of the cheek area to soften the angularity of the oval.

    To make the features look more proportionate, longer cuts are perfect, such as a medium length that covers the neck area to give weight to the jaw area.

    Care must be taken that the length of the hair does not fall just in the line of the cheekbones so as not to add more volume in this area.

    If you want to take a shorter cut, that is all with scissors keeping a long intermediate in the sides without it being cut by a machine.

    A bushy beard, shorter in the chin area, will provide the necessary balance in the lower area of the oval. Keep the neck area and cheekbones well-trimmed as well.

  11. Heart Shape
  12. Heart Shape Bradley Cooper

    For this type of face, the ideal is to soften the area of the cheekbones and visually add volume in the chin area.

    Haircuts with more volume in the areas of the temples and fringes on the side will be positive to compensate for the oval.

    Try to avoid haircuts that add too much height to the top area of the head.

    To compensate the inner half of the face, use a full beard (short but tight) that goes perfectly with this type of face and finally, wide and populated sideburns.

  13. Triangular Face
  14. Triangle Face Ryan Reynolds

    This type of face is characterized by its narrow forehead and a wide line of the jaw.

    A cutting style with a lot of volumes is the king for this face.

    Ideally, more cuts are made to lengths, with more complete sides adding depth.

    As for the beard, given the importance of the line of the jaw, it is best to take it well shaved or at most a minimal beard trimmed well.

Additional Advice to Find the Right Hairstyle for Men

  1. Do not choose fancy hairstyles. Stop at first on the classic options, which are easy to care for and maintain.
  2. Additional Hair Style Advice

  3. Consider not only the types of the face of men but also the structure of the hair. If the strands are straight, choose short hair. For curly hair, longer options are suitable as well.
  4. Consider the whole image with different lengths, with a beard, mustaches, and try on glasses as well.
  5. Consult your family and friends too. If you are guided only by their desires, they will give an objective assessment of the chosen style, looking at it from the outside.

These are tips or tips to find the right hairstyle for men for each type of face. However, we all know that it’s all about the attitude with which you carry yourself that will have the last say. Also, it is always good to consult with a stylist when it comes to choosing a change of look. They are more experience in the field then you are and they will be able to provide you with an objective view.

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