How to Get a Thicker Beard Fast

Check out ways to get thicker beard fast and naturally. Learn about the proper hygiene, nutrition, and health and how they help the facial hair to appear fuller rather than patchy. Also, find out the home remedies like pepper, oils, etc. to help the hair grow properly.

get a thicker beard

Many men want a smart looking beard. The reason they want it are varied, some are tired of shaving so often others do it for their image. There are even individuals who do it just to appear macho.

In any case, many of the representatives of the strong half of mankind face the problem of rare bristles and beards. However, there are ways to improve it, to give density, color, and to get thicker beard fast.

  1. Application of Oils
  2. First of all, you need to use the means that have a beneficial effect on the hair of the beard.


    Repeated and castor oils are proven to be very good. You can buy them in almost any pharmacy, and it’s very easy to use.

    Before using, the oil should be heated. Then carefully rub it into the skin and wait a couple of hours, after which the skin should be rinsed with warm water. This process should be carried out at least a couple of times a week.

    Wipe the oil for at least five minutes, then wait an hour. To remove the ointment, use warm water or a special flushing agent.

    Masks from the described ointments are best used about two times a week.

    Burdock oil often includes a lot of different additives, for example, red pepper. This is not worth paying attention to, as the drug can be used in any form.

  3. Frequent Shaving
  4. In order for hair to become stiff and bulky, you need to shave as often as possible. This effect is possible due to post-traumatic hypertrichosis.

    Frequent Shaving

    The hair that you shaved gets injured and in response to such an action begins to grow anew with a vengeance.

    They become stronger, thicker and straighter and for now, we need this effect.

    In addition, in people who shave more often, the hair grows more evenly and does not curl.

    So, shave every day and after a couple of months you will notice a qualitative change in your bristles.

  5. Use Vitamins
  6. Today, you can find many multivitamin complexes that contain everything you need for the best quality hair growth.


    The most commonly used are the following vitamins:

    • Vitamin A.
    • Vitamin E.
    • Vitamin B.

    They are needed to make your stubble and beard thick and beautiful.

    In order to determine the complex of vitamins necessary for your beard, it is better to consult a doctor. It is necessary not to select the useful elements yourself.

    It is the specialist who will assign the correct complex, only in this case you can achieve the desired effect.

  7. Proper Hygiene
  8. Excessive hygiene is harmful to a beard. You do not need to wash your beard every day.

    Leading girls, models know this secret and that’s why they do not wash their hair daily.

    Proper Beard

    Permanent washing with water removes natural oils that make hair obedient.

    Naturally, the hair needs to be washed, but it should be done in 2 to 3 days. This is the only way the beard will be able to accumulate enough oils to maintain the coaxial system in order.

    The beard needs to be washed with a special conditioner but not more often than once a week. Doing this is best when the beard is already long enough but has a small weight.

    Using a hair conditioner, your hair will become more docile. As an option, any option is suitable.

    Remember, if the seller said about some “miraculous” properties of their goods, most likely, they are trying to deceive you.

  9. Proper Nutrition to Get a Thicker Beard
  10. Naturally, what we eat directly affects the condition of the hairline. So, organize your diet in such a way that together with food you take all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

    Healthy Diet

    It is also necessary to increase the content of saturated fat in the diet.

    They can be found in the following products as well.

    • Eggs.
    • Various nuts.
    • A fish.

    Thus, the level of the male hormone, testosterone will rise, accordingly, the beard will also become more qualitative.

  11. Direction of Beard Growth
  12. The beard can be accustomed to proper growth. Often its different parts grow in a chaotic direction, but they can be “taught” to grow properly.

    Comb Your Beard

    To do this, you can use a conventional comb. Regularly direct your stubble and, gradually, it will grow as you need.

    There is another rather controversial option. Training the beard to improper growth.

    When you wash the hair on your face, the natural oil is washed off and the stubble becomes insufficiently stiff.

    So, comb your beard in the wrong direction and wait for it to dry completely. When the beard is dry, comb it properly and swipe it over your face with wet hands.

    This way, the beard will acquire an additional volume, and at the same time, will become obedient.

  13. Pepper to Get a Thicker Beard
  14. It is necessary to ensure the maximum flow of blood to the face. Thus, the hair will receive a new stimulus to growth.

    Pepper Mask

    Pepper can be used to achieve a good blood. It is easy to buy at any pharmacy.

    It is necessary to take just one spoonful of the remedy and mix in a proportion of 1 to 3 with olive oil.
    Next, rub the resulting mixture on the area of the face where the bristles grow.

    Repeat the procedure is necessary once a week since after applying the drug, the skin of the face can become very red.

    After applying pepper, the skin will be burned, but this feeling should be tolerated as long as possible. Only if you experience too much pain, the substance should be washed off.

    For people with sensitive skin, this method is absolutely not suitable!

  15. Physical Activity
  16. Maybe for some, it will seem strange, but it is a sport that can make a beard thick, dark and stiff.

    It all depends on the same male hormone, testosterone, which is actively released during physical exertion.

    Physical Exercise

    From its number, secondary sexual characteristics, among which the beard, directly depend. Moreover, the hair begins to grow more intensively not only on the face, but also in other places:

    • Arms.
    • Legs.
    • Armpits.
    • Chest.

    The better growth of the beard is promoted by regular sex. Combining pleasant and useful, you will soon notice significant improvements in your bristles.

  17. Adjust Hormones to Get a Thicker Beard
  18. Man Hormones

    To make the bristles stiff, you must necessarily put your hormones in order, they are responsible for the hair.

    To do this as correctly as possible, you need to consult an endocrinologist who will recommend a certain nutritious diet and a set of necessary vitamins.

    The proper hormonal foundation is the guarantee of a good condition not only of the beard, it is also responsible for the growth of muscle mass.

    Adhere to the above rules, and soon you will notice an improvement in the rigidity of your beard.

As you can see there are many ways one can get a thicker beard fast. Although, the above-given methods are the best to get a thicker beard fast. So, choose the one you like the most and that is suitable for your skin type.

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