How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Permanently

Check out ways to get rid of eye bags permanently. Learn about the causes of puffiness under eyes along with factors affecting them. Also, learn about ways to treat them using home remedies like ice, tea bags, etc. and professional mean with and without surgery.

get rid of eyebags

The first thing anyone notices about a person’s face is their eyes. So, having eye bags is a distraction as it does not help to make a good impression. Bags under the eyes are not such an annoying detail to deal with, as we used to think. The reasons for their occurrence can be very diverse. So, here we will find out how they are formed along with ways to get rid of eye bags permanently.

Causes of Eye Bags

As mentioned the causes of eye bags are very diverse. However, here are some of the common reasons that a person develops puffiness under the eyes.

    reasons for eyebags

  1. Genetic predisposition.
  2. Anatomical features of the structure of the skull.
  3. Regular use of alcohol and smoking.
  4. Chronic lack of sleep.
  5. Hours of work at the computer.
  6. Enthusiasm for fatty, salty, spicy, smoked food.
  7. Violation of the hormonal background.
  8. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  9. Strong stress.

Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags

There are many ways one can try to get rid of eye bags. Some of the best known and well testes are as mentioned below.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water
  2. Bags under the eyes may be caused by a delay in moisture due to the high concentration of salts in this area.

    Drink Water

    Did you eat a lot of saltines a day before or have you cried lot?

    The concentration of salt will retain the liquid and therefore you have eye bags.

    Avoid salty foods and water throughout the day. Instead, try and drink more pure water.

    Avoid drinks that lead to dehydration of the body, for example, coffee and alcohol.

  3. Use Cold Compresses
  4. Cold compresses to soothe the skin while activating the metabolic processes.

    Cold Compress Eyebags

    This is due to the inflow of capillary blood, which removes the local “blockade” that keeps salt in the tissues.

    You will be helped by teabags, which should be kept in the freezer for a few minutes.

    This or the floral waters (hydrolytes) of a rose or cornflower is an excellent effective tool to get rid of eye bags quickly.

    Moisten wadded disks in a cold hydrolate and apply to the eye area for 10-15 minutes.

    Compresses with floral waters not only reduce puffiness, but also lighten the dark circles under the eyes and soften wrinkles.

  5. Sleep Properly
  6. Man Sleeping

    Change the habitual posture during sleep.

    People who are used to sleeping on the stomach are more prone to the appearance of bags under the eyes.

    Try to sleep on your back, while holding your head higher. For example, use a second pillow for this.

    It will reduce the flow of fluid to the head thereby help to get rid of eye bags.

  7. Moisturize Skin
  8. Moisturize the skin with good moisturizing creams as this will help the skin stay elastic, with a good tone.

    Choose eye creams with a physiological structure that allows the active ingredients to easily and completely penetrate the stratum corneum, thus not causing swelling.

    Moisturize Skin

    For example, light cream for the skin around the eyes quickly absorbs and restores the skin. You should pay attention to eye creams containing green coffee oil, which stimulates metabolic processes and eliminates puffiness.

    In active cream for the skin around the eyes, green coffee oil is almost at the very beginning of the list of ingredients.

    This guarantees its really therapeutic concentration, which favorably affects the metabolic processes in the thin skin of the eyelids. It does not allow the appearance of swellings and “bags”.

    Also, do not neglect sunscreen during the day. The sun is the main enemy of the skin, especially for thin and vulnerable as the skin around the eyes.

  9. Watch Your Diet
  10. Years of malnutrition can cause weakening of tissues and the appearance of bags under the eyes. So you have to focus on your diet as well.

    Healthy Diet

    Reduce the amount of salt or completely abandon it. The food can be tasty without salt as well.

    If you cannot give up salt at all then do not eat salt for dinner. The body may not be able to cope with the salt before bed.

    Refuse alcohol as it helps to delay water in tissues.

    If you had to drink alcohol then you need to drink as much water too.

    Try to abandon the last glass with a drink at night.

  11. Light Massages to Get Rid of Eye Bags
  12. Massage for eyebags

    Light massage around the eye area contributes to the outflow of fluid and partial removal of puffiness.

    Every morning, lightly pat around the eye cavity for 2 minutes with your fingertips.

    Just gently massage the superciliary arches, and then the maxillary sinuses.

    All pressing movements should be delicate and should not allow the stretching of the skin.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Eye Bags

As we all know there are several home remedies one can use to get rid of eye bags at home. Some of these trick and recipes are as follows.

  1. Cucumber Mask
  2. This tool was used by our grandmothers.

    Cucumber Juice

    Take a cold cucumber, cut it with rings so that they close their eyes with bags.

    Leave cucumber rings in front of the eyes for 15 minutes.

  3. Potatoes Slices
  4. This method is very similar to the previous one.

    Cold potatoes help to remove puffiness.

    Put the potatoes overnight in the fridge, then wash it, cut into slices and keep for 5-10 minutes.

    After that, gently wash your eyes.

  5. Milk
  6. Milk Compress

    Moisten a piece of cloth with cold milk.

    Give out excess and keep the tissue in front of your eyes for 20-30 minutes.

    This method will help fight inflammation and swelling around the eyes.

  7. Tea Bags
  8. Soak the sachets in warm water, then hold in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.

    Having got out of the fridge, place it in front of your eyes and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

    Packets of green and chamomile tea works better.

  9. Egg White
  10. Egg White

    Whisk a bit of protein and apply under the eyes with a brush.

    When it dries, you will feel a little discomfort, but it’s good.

    Wait 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

  11. Ice
  12. This way is worth using only if you need to urgently get rid of eye bags under the eyes.

    Massaging circles with ice cube, they can be reduced in 5 minutes.

    However, it can be dangerous for the eyes and sinuses of the nose.

Professional Ways to Get Rid of Eye bags

If you are not able to do anything about eye bags at home or you want immediate results then you need to consult a specialist. Here are some of the professional ways to get rid of eye bags.

  1. Visit the Allergist
  2. Man Meeting Doc

    Perhaps, swelling is caused by allergic reactions, which you do not even suspect.

    The skin around the eyes is very thin and tender, and the liquid in this area accumulates very quickly.

    Avoid exposure to allergens like pollen of plants, house dust.

    Change bed linen more often, and do not neglect antihistamines.

  3. Injections
  4. Puffiness caused by aging or diseases will not disappear with the help of compresses or diets.

    However, it will disappear with the help of injections of guluronic acid.

    It is injected into the area under the eyes, and with it, the skin around the eyes can appear noticeably younger and fresh.

    This is an unsafe operation, and can only be carried out by a qualified specialist.

    In addition, undesirable side effects may occur in the form of bruises or edema.

  5. Operation to Get Rid of Eye Bags
  6. Injection for Eyebags

    With age, fat deposits in the eye area may appear which in turn leads to the appearance of eye bags.

    Blepharoplasty removes these fat deposits and tightens the skin in this area.

    The recovery period lasts for several weeks, the operation is performed with a laser and is expensive.

Exercises to Get Rid of Eye Bags

Surprisingly there are even exercises that help to get rid of eye bags. Several exercises are put on your court, all of which you can easily perform even while at work.

    Exercise for Eyebags

  1. Close your eyes and open your eyes wide. Repeat 6 times.
  2. Look to the side, while keeping your head straight, count to 4, for the fifth look forward. The same thing needs to be done the other way. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  3. Counting to 10, quickly and often blink. For the eleventh time, squeeze your eyes tight, but do not strain your face muscles. After five seconds, open the eyelids and look into the distance, fix the sight on the subject that is far, but do not strain the vision. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  4. Look quickly in different directions, then make circular motions.

Thus, it is possible to get rid of eye bags, unless it is a hereditary predisposition. So, why not try it if only as a precautionary measure.

Additional Tips

After you get rid of the circles under your eyes, make sure that they do not return. To do this, sleep more and do not waste your free time watching TV.

Prevent Eyebags

Dark circles appear due to the lack of vitamins K and B12. Therefore, eat healthy food, especially greens and fruits. Also, reduce the intake of salt, which delays water in the body.

In addition, it is worth to drink plenty of water, but not before going to bed. Also, one of the reasons for the appearance of circles under the eyes can be smoking. So, quit it as it weakens the skin and leads to the appearance of wrinkles ahead of time.

If circles and bags under the eyes appear for no apparent reason then be sure to visit a doctor. This is because it may be a symptom of quite serious diseases. If lifestyle changes and diet do not solve the problem then too you should consult a doctor.

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