How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair for Guys

Check out ways to get rid of frizzy hair for guys naturally. Learn about the factors affecting hair along with ways to treat them using hair care products and home remedies. Also, learn about ways to prevent curly, wavy hair in men.

get rid of frizzy hair

This is one of the issues that worries many men. The so-called “frizz” or frizzy hair has become a constant nemesis for men with long or medium length hair. The curling of hair that is in the middle and top of the head. This makes the appearance of men to be somewhat different than anticipated. The reason for this is the absence of nutrients which can also cause the hair to be “frizzy”.

Very curly and wavy hair needs special care. This type of hair has great problems with drying and, therefore, has more frizz. In general, when the hair is very frizzy, it is a sign that it is dehydrated. For these cases, the problem has a solution and the best way to get rid of frizzy hair is one good hydration and cauterization.

If the hydration does not work, or if the frizziness is characteristic of the person, another possible solution is the progressive smoothing. Learn more about them as we go along.

Factors that Cause Frizzy Hair

Before we go for ways to get rid of frizzy hair it would be best to understand the cause of it. So, here are some of the factors that can cause frizzy hair.

    Frizzy Hair Climate

  1. Climate
  2. When the humidity increases the hair becomes even more electric and frizzy.

  3. Irons
  4. The heat of the iron raises the cuticle, leaving the strands dry and dehydrated, causing the appearance of frizz.

  5. Chemicals
  6. Climate Frizzy Hair

    With contact with chemicals, the cuticle of the hair opens, the “goosebumps” of the hairs emerging. If not treated properly, over time, the hair loses keratin and breaks easily, which makes the appearance and number of unruly hairs worse.

  7. Lack of Hair Care
  8. Improper brushing every day, using products of low quality and lack of hydration can weaken and break the hair.

Proper Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

There are many ways one can try to get rid of frizzy hair. Some of the best and tried ways are as follows. These can also be used t avoid frizzy hair in the first place as a precaution is better than cure.

  1. Weekly Hydration
  2. Hydrated hair has almost no frizz. When the hair is lacking in oils and water, the frizz appears even when you have done the keratin.

    Water for Hair

    To restore all these nutrients that the hair needs, there is a routine care called capillary calendar.

    This capillary schedule consists of taking care of the hair in parts: hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction.

    The hydration of the hair is replenished, the nutrition returns the oils and vitamins and the proteins begin the reconstruction.

    Doing this treatment program also decreases frizziness and strengthen the hair in the process.

  3. Vegetable Oil for Hair Care
  4. When you do the hydration at home, add vegetable oil to your cream.

    These oils help to hydrate, nourish and strengthen the hair.

    You can use coconut oil, avocado, wheat germ, castor, and almond.

    This is one of the best ways to get rid of frizzy hair along with improving the quality of hair in the process.

  5. Thermal Protection
  6. Thermal Protection

    Thermal protectors are essential because they protect the hair from the dryer and the iron, they also reduce frizz.

    They help in the sliding of the brush at the time of drying and the hair accommodates more easily.

    There are protectors in the form of a spray (more liquid) and in creams, which are suitable for thicker and voluminous or curly hair.

    One should use thermal protector whenever necessary and get rid of frizzy hair.

  7. Co-Wash Technique to Avoid Frizzy Hair
  8. The technique for hair washing with conditioner is only very welcome in the case that your hair is very dry.

    Co-wash technique is the one where a person uses sulfate free shampoo for hair wash and then uses conditioner.

    You can use conditioner available in the market or make one using home remedies using oil, etc.

  9. Shampoo for Frizzy Hair
  10. The first thing to do when you have frizzy hair is to stop using shampoos with sulfates.

    Hair Wash

    Most shampoos have strong surfactants, which are substances responsible for hair cleaning and insoluble compounds in face masks, such as mineral oils.

    Unfortunately, the sulfates present in the shampoo detonate and dry the hair, causing, among many effects, frizz.

    If you wash your hair too often, and you notice the appearance of frizz, avoid washing your hair with shampoo so many times a week.

    Also, it would be best to go out and buy sulfate free shampoo in the first place just as a precautionary measure.

  11. Cold Water Rinse
  12. Try to make the last rinse with cold water and that too without chlorine when having a bath or washing hair.

    The cold water acts as a kind of “seal” of the hair.

    When washing your hair, especially in summer, give yourself a final rinse with cold water.

    If the water is filtered or mineral, even better, because chlorine also damages hair.

    This way you seal the hair thereby preventing them from getting frizzy.

  13. Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair
  14. apple cider vinegar

    Vinegar seals the cuticle, which reduces curling of the hair and makes it brighter.

    Dilute 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and then the hair conditioner and rinse, apply this mixture on the hair.

    Do not rinse. Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its benefits for hair and can be used to get rid of frizzy hair.

  15. Effects of Air on Hair
  16. Beware of Street air and air conditioner.

    This advice seems like a joke but you can see that if you go out on the street with wet hair, the wind will make you curl more than usual.

    This is because the hair that is wet is attracted by the dry air. Try to leave the house with dry hair, even naturally.

    As for air conditioner, the shampoo opens the cuticles to clean the hair, and the air conditioner has the function of closing these cuticles, thus preventing frizz.

  17. Properly Dry Your Hair
  18. Curling is a static phenomenon, and friction is responsible for increasing it.

    One suggestion is to avoid rubbing when you dry your hair with the towel.

    Hair Dry Men

    Use ordinary cotton towels, or even a paper towel (the same one in the kitchen).

    Avoid untangling the hair with your fingers, because the contact with the hands generates frizzy, it is better to choose wooden combs.

    Also, beware of the very hot dryer. Try to use a warm temperature and keep the dryer away from the hair, making a circular motion.

    This prevents the hair from drying out after drying.

    This is a classroom trick that we should always use. Every time you finish drying your hair, give it cold air. This will help reduce frizz. Do not forget this trick.

  19. Anti-Frizz Products
  20. There are several ointments, repairing creams, silicone, and leave-in that are anti-frizz.

    Some repairing creams have that function and can be applied at any time. You can carry it in your wallet.

    Those with unruly hair will know the power of leave-in to control it.

    It helps control volume, frizz and also protects the hair.

  21. Haircut for Frizzy Hair
  22. Hair Cut

    Finishing with the open ends of the hair with a straight cut will help reduce the frizz.

    At the same time, it will eliminate the dry ends and leave the hair more beautiful.

    The weekly humidification after the straight cut will help the tips not to open or dry out.

  23. Hair Styling Products
  24. Do not overuse hairdressing products such as fixatives, because they dry out the hair.

    Try to use them only on holidays, or sporadically.

    This avoids giving the hair the “straw” effect.

    Most of these products have alcohol in their composition, which dries out the hair.

Remember with proper hair you can prevent frizzy hair. However, if nothing works then you should go to a salon for a treatment. Just know your hair before you try any of the above-given methods to get rid of frizzy hair for guys.

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