How to Get Thick Hair for Men

Check out various ways to get thick hair for men naturally. Learn about the steps to maintain luscious, thicker and fuller hair in guy using home remedies, cosmetics, and proper care.

get thick hair

Thick, healthy hair is the best decoration for men. Luxurious hair attracts the attention of girls and causes envy of rivals. Nature, unfortunately, has not given everyone with such a gift, but this defect can easily be corrected at home. How to get thick hair for men and do not spend a lot of money? Here are some of the common people’s steps that can help us get there.

Ways to Get Thick Hair for Men

In order to get thick hair, it is necessary to take proper care of hair. There are many mistakes we all make in daily life concerning hair. So, it’s about time that we start taking proper care of our hair and here are some steps that can help us do the same.

  1. Cosmetics for Hair Growth and Density
  2. All cosmetics for hair density can be divided into two categories. Those that give an instant visual effect without improving the condition of the hair, and those that treat the hair, but the result takes time.

    cosmetics for hair

    Most shampoos, masks, stowage aids and hair conditioners of the mass market level belong to the first category.

    They create a thin film on the surface of the hair, and the hair for a while looks more dense and shiny. However, the hair does not become healthy from this, and the magic effect quickly disappears. So, it is only necessary to wash your hair.

    The second category is a means of improving the nutrition of the scalp and microcirculation of the blood.

    The most famous of these products are various oils, for example, burdock, cedar, almond, jojoba oil and others.

    They are often injected into professional products to improve the quality of hair. Extracts from plants are also effective, for example, burdock root and nettle.

  3. Focus on Hair Follicles
  4. Each of us has about 100-150 thousand hair follicles but not all of them are active. Part of the hair bulbs freezes at rest.

    hair follicles

    Sometimes this process intensifies against a background of stress, when the body saves energy, during a serious illness, due to a lack of nutrients.

    It is possible to awaken the follicles to life, but this should be done under the supervision of a trichologist. They will determine the cause of the problems with the hair.

    Perhaps you will be prescribed a drug based on minoxidil as this drug effectively stimulates hair growth and strengthens them. Beneficial effect and specially selected vitamin complexes for hair.

    Sometimes the reason that the follicles are sleeping is in the skin of the scalp such as seborrhea or dermatitis. In this case, you first need to cure the underlying disease.

  5. Diet to Get Thick Hair
  6. Often, to improve the condition of the hair it is enough to correct the diet.

    Healthy Diet

    The “beauty ration” for the hair should contain foods rich in B vitamins (cereals, green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, hard cheeses), C (dogrose, currants, cabbage, citrus fruits), E (vegetable oil, nuts, sea buckthorn, ocean fish), iron (liver, apples, spinach, lentils, peas) and zinc (meat, seafood, soybeans, pumpkin seeds).

    With a balanced diet, our need for vitamins is satisfied by about 70-85%. This is enough to not feel the symptoms of hypovitaminosis.

    To achieve and preserve the health and beauty of hair, you should include in the diet more protein products. Stuff like poultry, fish, meat, beans, cottage cheese, tofu. The protein is necessary for the synthesis of carotene, from which the hair shaft consists.

  7. Vitamins for Hair Density
  8. To get thick hair and to quickly grow them, you can take special vitamin complexes.

    In addition to vitamins, they often include iron, yeast extract (due to the high content of B and PP vitamins it stimulates hair growth), amino acids, vitamin D, which, although it does not directly affect the hair condition, improves the absorption of other nutrients.

  9. Consult an Expert
  10. In the arsenal of cosmetologists, there are lots of funds for improving hair growth.

    Time for Doc

    A good effect is provided by head massage, which improves blood circulation and nutrition of the asleep follicles.

    The even more noticeable effect is provided by hardware procedures such phototherapy and laser therapy, in which ultraviolet and electromagnetic waves of a certain length are exposed to scalp and hair bulbs.

    In recent years, widespread use of mesotherapy which is an injection of vitamin cocktails and ozone.

    Any cosmetic procedures give an effect only if they are conducted by their course.

  11. Follow Hair Care Rules
  12. To get thick hair and to maintain them, you need to look after them. So it is important to observe a few simple but important rules as given below.

    1. Do not wash your head every day. 2-3 times a week is enough. Too often washing dries the scalp and rinses off the protective grease film from the hair, making them dull, dry and brittle.
    2. Do not wash hair with hot water, it also dries them. The water should be warm and rinse your hair better with cold water. It causes the hair scales to cling to the stem, and as a result, the hair looks shiny.
    3. Hair Care

    4. Never comb wet hair, do not twist them to squeeze, and do not rub with a towel. Wet hair is especially fragile, it breaks easily and falls out. They should be gently soaked in a towel. To comb hair it is possible approximately in half an hour after washing, but not earlier.
    5. Shampoo “2 in 1” – a convenient tool for emergency situations, but they cannot be used constantly. These shampoos make your hair heavier and lead to their loss.
    6. Use masks no more often than once a week. The “more is better” principle does not work here. Overloaded with nutrients, hair becomes heavy, dull and unruly, they fall out and quickly become dirty. You already know about the harm of frequent hair washing.
    7. Change the comb every few months. On the plastic, cracks are formed, which are not visible to the naked eye, but they injure the hair.
    8. Be sure to wear a hat in the cold season. Low temperatures cause a spasm of capillaries in the scalp, and this deprives the follicles of food. Spring hair loss is most often associated not with beriberi, but with the harmful effects of cold.

Oil Massages to Get Thick Hair

The better the circulation of blood the faster hair grows. This is proved by scientists and is widely used in practice in beauty salons. Head massage with essential oils and hair vitamins very well affect their structure and growth. So, here are some ways to massage your hair to get thick hair.

  1. Cedar Oil
  2. We will need cedar oil for a nice massage and it can be found in any pharmacy.

    Cedar Oil

    The product is slightly warmed up to the pleasant warmth and soft circular movements rubbed into the skin.

    Very carefully you need to massage exactly the roots of the strands.

    This lasts for 15 minutes, after which we wrap the head with polyethylene and leave for another 10 minutes.

    Flush with light circular motions from the roots with warm water.

  3. Nut Oil
  4. Nuts, in general, are very helpful in treating hair from exhaustion and dryness.

    Nut Oil

    You need to take half a glass of walnuts and thoroughly crush them in a mortar or grind them with a blender.

    Put in a non-stick container, add a little water to get a thick slurry, and put it all in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.

    This will bring out out nut milk, which we will rub in the hair. This is the best way to get thick hair.

    We massage this mixture for 15 minutes every three days. We perform ten procedures, after which the follicles begin to work actively, a break of 2 months.

  5. Lemon Juice and Castor Oil
  6. Castor Oil

    With daily washing of the head, the hair is depleted and require special care.

    Massage with lemon juice and castor oil not only makes the liquid hair thicker but also helps to lighten the hair.

    It is necessary to mix a spoon of burdock and castor oil with two teaspoons of lemon juice, slightly heat and rub in the scalp.

    Massage we spend literally a couple of minutes, after which we immediately wash off the oils.

  7. Lavender Oil and Vinegar
  8. In order to significantly improve the condition and to get thick hair, it is recommended to use the fusion.

    lavendar oil

    Take field lavender oil (5 drops), peppermint oil (3 drops), decoction of sage, rosemary, basil and mint (in equal parts, calculation of 1 spoon for a glass of boiled water) and kitchen vinegar (a couple of glasses, but if the hair is very dry or damaged, then we take half as much).

    We mix everything and put it in a dark cool place for two weeks. Then dilute two tablespoons of tincture in a glass of warm water and then massage the head twice a day for 7 days.

    It is recommended to wash off the next day.

Homemade Mask to Get Thick Hair

As mentioned before there are various ways to get thick hair. One of these ways is homemade masks. They are cheap, natural, and they work well. So, here are some of the well-known homemade masks to get thick hair for men.

  1. Kefir, Cocoa and Egg Mask
  2. In general, kefir mask is recommended to do, even when the hair is in excellent condition. Milk proteins create an invisible film that protects hair from external aggressive factors.

    Egg White

    Popular masks for the density of hair based on kefir, cocoa, and eggs. This remedy helps even with partial baldness.

    It is necessary to whip half a glass of yogurt with one egg and a tablespoon of cocoa.

    We put the mixture on the rare hair along the entire length, paying attention to the roots. It is necessary to apply in several layers: one has done, it has dried up then the second has been applied, and so up to three times.

    We wrap the hair in polyethylene, wrap it with a towel and wait for half an hour. It is best to wash off with a warm infusion of medicinal herbs like chamomile, sage, thyme.

  3. Vitamins Mask to Get Thick Hair
  4. It is recommended to make moisturizing hair masks with the use of vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamins B, C, and E.

    It is even better not only to apply them to the skin and hair but also to use inside. This will immediately make the hair much thicker, the nails firmer and the skin will clean.

  5. Mayonnaise Mask
  6. Mayonnaise

    You can strengthen hair with mayonnaise.

    A full spoonful of the product mixed with three yolks and a drop of castor oil.

    If you need a very fast effect, you can add a drop of pepper (not suitable for scalp injuries).

    Spread and leave for an hour, then just wash it off, repeat it regularly every three days for a month, then stop treatment and take a break for 2 weeks. If necessary, continue.

  7. Cognac or Vodka Mask
  8. For dark or red hair, which does not differ in a special density, the remedy of cognac and vodka will be simply miraculous.

    This mask not only helps to accelerate the growth of hair but also gives a hairstyle volume, makes hair visually much thicker.

    In equal parts, mix cognac, vodka, and salt (cognac and vodka – half a glass, salt – a tablespoon), close the lid tightly and put it in a dark cool place.

    In two weeks we take out and in a pure form we put on locks, we wash off without washing-up liquids.

  9. Castor Oil Mask
  10. On an alcohol basis, you can make a mask for the volume of hair. Mix in the same amount of castor oil and alcohol (96%).

    We put on the roots, try not to rub it heavily, and wrap the strands in a towel. Keep it for about 3 hours, after washing off, preferably with baby soap or shampoo.

  11. Vegetable Mask
  12. Garlic Mask

    A similar mask for making hair more beautiful and thicker is with a traditional bow.

    Finely grate the vegetable, or grind on the blender, add cognac (50 g), honey (teaspoonful), and apply to strands.

    At first, a slight tingling is possible, but after five to ten minutes it goes away, washed off after 40 minutes.

    This method is based on pepper, onions, and garlic can be used more often than once every three days. Optimal is once a week.

  13. Burdock Oil Mask
  14. If you need to make hair thicker in a child, then it can be quickly corrected with burdock oil.

    It is very gentle, but effectively affects growth and helps the blood to circulate properly in the scalp.

    A few drops neatly rubbed into baby hair and leave for 10 minutes, after the rinse, repeat no more than twice a week.

  15. Henna for Thick Hair
  16. Henna

    You can paint your hair yourself with white henna.

    If you are not afraid of experiments, take a red one, they say that it is more effective. Colorless henna just very well visually imparts to hair thickness.

    The effect is visible immediately, and after three or four procedures, the brightness and volume are markedly increased.

It is important to understand that achieving a cherished goal that is beautiful and thick hair requires an integrated approach. No salon procedures will not help if you continue to eat fast food and spoil the hair with hair dryers and irons. On the other hand, the refusal of the curling iron itself will not restore your hair health. So do not wait for immediate results as to grow, the hair takes months and these are the hair that will grow thicker.

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