What Color Shoes to Wear With Black Jeans

Check out various color shoes to wear with black jeans regularly. Learn about common fashion choices and mistakes made by most men when contemplating a proper outfit like shirt, watches and other accessories for any particular outing.

what color shoes to wear with black jeans

Shoes are an important element of the ensemble, although many men underestimate the importance of proper shoe selection. Meanwhile, it is the shoes that can tell a lot about the habits, status, and tastes of representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Many men are firmly convinced that jeans should only be worn with sneakers. However, this combination is already palled and is not relevant. Men who follow fashion trends put on shoes with jeans. You just need to learn how to correctly combine the models, because both jeans and shoes are different. Most men make several mistakes perhaps due to ignorance but some do not and these are the ones that stand out in the crowd. So, here is some information to better understand what color shoes to wear with black jeans.

Shoe Choices with Black Jeans

Making the right choice is the most important when selecting to wear shoes with black jeans.

Of course, it is necessary to wear shoes with jeans correctly. The first thing you need to do is pay attention to the length of the pants. Jeans should not cover the back of the shoe and, especially, drag along the ground. If a classic model of jeans is chosen, then the model needs to be shortened for specific shoes. Models of the style of the low waist are more democratic. So, longish jeans can be simply tucked.

Black Jeans and Shoes

However, the trousers should not be too short. If you plan to wear classic shoes for jeans, then you need to make sure that you do not see the socks. Jeans of freestyle can be tucked up and worn with moccasins on a barefoot.

Complement the ensemble of jeans and shoes can be classic shirts or T-shirts. Such ensembles tend to look quite harmonious and are great for your public image.

You can make and practice more strict ensembles. For example, straight jeans will be a harmonious ensemble complete with shoes and strict jumper. If you wear classical shoes for jeans and a jacket, you get a very stylish and fashionable image.

Of course, in a set of classic shoes, you should not choose informal jeans with scuffs or rivets. However, straight jeans of classic colors like blue, gray or black are perfect for creating business style ensembles.

Just make sure you are creating a proper look for this particular outing. Also, make sure to double check socks and jeans length before going out.

Shoes and Physique

When choosing shoes for jeans one should take into account the features of their body. For tall people, the ideal models are the one with a pointed toe. However, to normal or average height representatives of the stronger sex, it is better to buy shoes, the toe of which has a rounded shape. If the legs look short in relation to the body, then you can buy shoes with thick soles.

It’s fairly normal practice to buy shoes based on your physique and personality. And it would be best to ask for a friend’s opinion when confused.

Shoes Based on Jeans Type

Men’s jeans are represented by a smaller variety of models than women’s. However, when choosing shoes, the style of trousers must be taken into account necessarily. So, select what color shoes to wear with black jean or any other jeans for that matter is best to base it on the type of jeans.

  1. Classic Black Jeans
  2. Black Jeans with Hat

    The straight cut model is a universal choice since such jeans are ideal for creating sets in business or freestyle. In addition, classic jeans are suitable for any type of figure.

    The ideal pair of men’s shoes to classic jeans will be leather or suede classic shoes, loafers or moccasins. Of course, moccasins are suitable only for informal sets.

  3. Ragged Black Jeans
  4. Jeans with artificial abrasions and holes or the model of the style of ragged or torn type should not be combined with classic shoes. For this model, moccasins or sandals will be suited better.

  5. Butkat (Knuckle Knuckle)
  6. In this model, the pant legs wrap around the hips, and the extension starts from the knee. For jeans of such a cut, ideally coarse shoes on a thick embossed sole are best. However, the classic models with this style do not combine properly and should be avoided.

  7. Narrow Jeans
  8. Black Narrow Jeans

    Narrow men’s jeans are considered the basic thing for creating ensembles in the youth style. These models are suitable for moccasins and loaches, in the fall to narrow jeans you can put on shoes that cover the ankle.

    Avoid standing classic shoes, as well as cumbersome shoes, for example, sneakers with narrow jeans.

  9. Capri Black Jeans
  10. Shortened jeans or capris are an excellent choice of clothes for the summer. Since this model refers to the stylish jeans, then you can wear capri pants with moccasins or sandals.

Color Selection for Shoes with Black Jeans

What color shoes to wear with black jeans? Classic, and therefore an unmistakable choice are black shoes for black jeans.

This version of the shoe will look great with indigo-colored jeans, as well, with blue, gray and any other dark shades.

Brown Shoes Black Jeans

No less universal choice is brown shoes for black jeans. Of course, this option is more suitable for the stylish type jean like torn or ripped. However, when creating kits in the business style, it is better to dwell on the black version of shoes.

Selection of shoes for colored jeans must be carried out on a simple principle “for light denim there is light shoes and vice versa”. There is no need to choose shoe tone in tone to jeans, neutral colors should be used. For example, light blue jeans can be worn with beige shoes.

Guys who prefer a youth style can choose shoes of non-standard color. The main thing is that the color of shoes should not be contrasting with jeans. In short you should choose the matching colors shoes. For example, along with gray jeans one can purchase shoes with khaki or dark shade green color. These combinations look unusual, but they are in trend today.

Additional Recommendations of Stylists

To make the image look stylish, you need to pay attention to some of the nuances when selecting things. Recommendations on which the stylists will not allow to make mistakes are as follows.

  1. Shoes should not be lighter than jeans. It is necessary to choose shoes or tone in tone or darker.
  2. White Color shoes with black jeans

  3. The finishing touch of the ensemble can be a belt, which is matched to the color of the shoes.
  4. It is not recommended to wear jeans shoes made of patent leather. You need to be neat when combining jeans with suede shoes. Suede will look good in complete with jeans and a shirt, but the ensemble of jeans and T-shirts suede shoes should not be supplemented. It is better to choose shoes made of leather or textiles.
  5. When choosing shoes for jeans, pay attention to a combination of styles of models. To jeans of youth style, it is not necessary to wear classical shoes, it is better to stop the choice on moccasins or loafers. Stylists sometimes combine classic shoes with ragged jeans, however, when composing an ensemble independently, it’s easy to overdo it and instead get a tasteful taste.

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